Thursday, January 24, 2008

Solo Trip in Hong Kong

My first out-of-the-country trip ALONE and Hong Kong is the perfect place to be!

No smoking is imposed strictly in this country!
A diverse but dynamic environment, mountainside on the left and highrise building on the right. Amazing!
Very safe and clean city streets to walk alone.
Great place for sight-seeing, shopping and relax!


A-6Dude said...

Thanks. Your site brings back many good memories of my time the PI and in HK. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to go much past the Subic/Cubi Point area but I miss the PI.

I will look forward to seeing the places I never saw (from the ground) as you visit them.

Prily said...

You're so brave to visit Hongkong yourself.I should have went with you!hahahaha!btw,thanks for sharing your experience and the way you presented it with your slides are just very commendable!Well-done,my friend!What an industrious lady you are to maintain 3 sites and doing great work to each entry.I salute you!