Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Experience Paradise at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

If you want to experience Paradise don't think twice this is the perfect destination for you. I fell inlove with this place I love every second I spent in there.

Reason to come here:

1) It's the epitomy of Paradise
2) Experience an underground river and marvel inside the long strech of the cave on a boat on a river.
3) If you want to meet Nemo (clownfish) Dory (angelfish) , watch starfish race each other, zebra fish, play with live jellyfish, and face to face with the most dangerous poisonous fish in the world the stonefish and see a giant clam come to this place!
4) Many more reasons to go there just take a peek at those pics and you know I'm not kidding!

There are lots of places that you can visit in Palawan and this is just one stop. If you have a week to spare for a vacation galore, explore Palawan, they have to most wonderful marine life great for scubba diving. Make sure to bring an underwater camera. I wish I had one, even here in Puerto Princesa and the little snorkeling we did in some island we saw enough marine life I have never seen before and it's wonderful! (Pics taken June 2007)

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Prily said...

This is really our wish in the future --- to explore Palawan. Something we look forward to. It is nice of you to had been there. Thanks for sharing your experience.