Monday, January 21, 2008

A Virgin Resort in Easter Samar, Philippines

Get a plane from Manila to Tacloban and hire a van that will take you to Eastern Samar from the airport. There is no airport in Samar. Vans are reasonably priced just tell them if you want to hire them for drop-off and pick-up only or for a couple of days. A reasonable price is P2,000 a day, the tip is up to you.

You need your own automobile to go in this resort and any other resort here in Samar you want to go to, there are no cabs and you don't want to squeeze yourself in the public transport.

There are lots of things you can do and enjoy in this beautiful resort (I wish I didn't have memory gap so I could remember the name, but you can ask for the Samar tourist authority, they know it so well!) you can go kayaking, jetski (yes they have jetski!), boating, swim, etc. anything you can think of to do in a beach resort. They have nice rooms and villas too!

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