Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun in the Sun at Subic

If you want a quick get-away from the busy Manila for a week-end go no further, Olonggapo, Subic in Zambales is just a two hour (ooops make it 40 minutes, with the new Subic, Pampanga Expressway!) drive and there are a wide-range of beaches and resorts you can choose from to relax.

We were suppose to go to White Rock, but we arrived at a peak time it seems because a three bus full loads of people just checked-in when we went there. But for other resort options you can go at this site:

So we had not choice but go somewhere else where we will be accomodated and the beachfront is nice. Welcome to Ocean View Park, its closer than White Rock and just a couple minutes after you leaving the Subic, Clark Freezone property.


gagay said...

done adding your three sites!thank you for the visit..

Pinay Jade said...

Oh so we meet again LOL,we should have like a secret society of blogaholics.i am not really supposed to be here now too, I promised myself i would iron and clean the house LOL.tsk tsk tsk.

PR 4 is actually Page rank from Google.Blogs need to have them so they can get better jobs at PPP for example.Have you joined PPP? Check my post and maybe you can sign up too under me *wink*wink*

Yeah let's link. I'll add your site now.

Have a good blogging day ahead!!!

earthlingorgeous said...

Hahahaha! cool you are both here... bad girl pinay jade hahahaha! yeah we have to have those blogaholics association hahahaha!

I'll check your blog and see whats that PPP thingy lol... thanks for the tip :)

Spider63 said...

This is the famous Subic Bay? Or am I thinking of something else?