Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sailing Trip @ Taal Lake Yacht Club, Batangas, Philippines

My dear blog,

I gravely apologize for not updating you for a long long time.  I've been busy doing so many other things, which includes traveling here there and everywhere that I've neglected you already.  I am really sorry.  I will try to make it up to you by telling you the story about my sailing trip at Taal Lake Yacht Club in Bario Sta. Maria Talisay Batangas.

Taal Lake Yacht Club

The Yacht Club is around 30-45 minutes away from Tagaytay City proper and you would need to have your own vehicle to reach it or rent from the tourist 'peddlers' around the area.  They are the ones flashing those 'boat for hire' thingies when you drive around Tagaytay overlooking the Taal Volcano.

Taal Lake Yacht Club

I was taken there by AboitizPower to show us how we can enjoy natural energy by sailing.  I was apprehensive at first but then after some interview with the sail guide I gave in.  You know me, I will try everything once as long as it won't hurt or kill me.


The Yacht Club is open for public but you have to call to schedule your visit to make sure they can accommodate you.  They have the beach houses in the club for rent and they have boats, kayak, sailing, water sports you can think of, ask and they have it.  They even do Volcano tours!  But I've been there and done that before!  

Taal Lake Yacht Club

We were told that a sailboat can be rented for Php3,500 the whole day already, I just don't know how much you need to pay the guide because our host was worried a bit about him after three rounds with us.

Sailing at Taal Lake

We sailed for 10 minutes to the center of the Taal Lake almost reaching the edge of the foot of the crater, it was an awesome experience.  I'm glad I tried it.  I enjoyed it so much I went for two rounds.    First one was aboard a passenger sail boat, the second round was aboard a racing sail boat.


The wind was so powerful it was able to take us at the center of the lake without need to paddle or any motor at all.  Amazing!    It was actually very windy and the waves were kinda rough but we got through.

I'll go sailing again in a heartbeat.

I sailed!

Sailing! Explored! Yay!


Gulet Holiday in Turkey said...

This Taal Lake is looking awesome in pics you posted for it. It might have been a great fun sailing in there. Except this one also can prefer Turkey, the place for renting yachts and sailing on the sea.

james abram said...

Yes, Taal lake is really awesome! By the way, any idea how much does Catamaran cost in the Philippines?